The Sports and Pastimes of Canada Series

J.C. Wilson produced a series of postcards and envelopes featuring vignettes of sports & other Canadian pastimes in addition to the better know patriotics series. In J.R. Burdick’s Pioneer Postcards, two of these cards are listed: Football & Lacrosse, and Sculling & Swimming. Wally Gutzman also made reference to the series in his Picture Postcard Catalogue 1992. The cards have a series number, and at least 17 cards appear to be part of the series. A proof of the card used for advertising the release of the upcoming series noted the release date was slated for November, presumably of 1898.

Card No. 8

Card No. 14

Card No. 16

Card No. 2

The known designs of the J.C. Wilson Sports Series postcards and envelopes are shown in the table at right.

A postcard with Steeplechase & Boxing vignettes has been seen, (image shown at the head of this page) but the number is unknown, and presumably is one of the designs missing from the table.

This series is also known to have been used for business use.