Above, an early WLS-004 P-1, postally used May 13, 1898 with a Montreal flag cancel

on a QV 1¢ Leaf. Below, the reverse of the card, addressed to “Sweet Musician” notes

“Dan Godfrey’s Band is coming. Be sure and reserve a seat early. As ever thine, Arlene”

Below, a second example of a J.C. WIlson WLS-004 P-1 postcard mailed June 15, 1898

from Bacarro NS to Port Negro NS, with a 1¢ QV Leaf stamp.

Above, WLS-004 P-2

Postmarked Montreal July 27, 1898 with flag cancellation

with receiving stamp Springfield, Mass. (USA) July 29, 1898

Below, a copy used within London, Ontario on June 28, 1898

with a London squared circle cancellation

Above, detail showing from P-2 “Rule Britannia

Britannia Rules the Waves

Britons Never Never Never Shall Be Slaves”

Above, detail of Imprint B “Entered According to Act of the Parliament of Canada in the Year 1898

by W.C. Wilson & Co. Montreal, At the Department of Agriculture” taken from P-2

The card above shows an unused WLS-004 P-2 with Imprint B,

with blue text for "Private Postcard" and "Postage One Cent."

Below, a J.C. Wilson WLS-004 P-3 postcard with a 1¢ Jubilee stamp,

postally used August 22, 1898 from Toronto to Port Hope, Ontario, with a Toronto Flag “F” cancel.

The card above shows the "Wilson Montreal Registered" imprint, known by Gates' numbering as Imprint A,

with PPC/stampbox no. 5, a variation not listed by Gates, designated here as P-6.

Below, an unused copy of WLS-004 P-7, a variety unknown to Gates, showing a Type C imprint

with the date 1899, rather than the more common 1898 date.

Below, a detail that shows an imprint date of 1899, designated here as P-7. Looking closely, there are a number of places that show that this variation seems to be a new plate for the image, seen in areas such as the length of the scrollwork on the letter “N” in “Never”, and the shape of the red crossed bars on the shield. This card differs in these respects from all the other varieties.

Above, an alternate printing of the same card designated as P-8, showing Imprint C with one of the lion's eyes closed. This card also comes with with red "Private Post Card" text of PPC No. 4, rather than the blue text of P-2.

Yet another variation, shown below, shows both of the lion's eyes open, but with the text of Imprint C "Entered According to..." appearing below the "N" of "Never", rather than further to the left. This is designated here as variation P-9.

The card above shows another variety, with imprint C, 1 eye open with PPC/stampbox no.4, designated here as P-8.

Above, WLS-004 P-8

Postmarked Peterborough, Ontario, February 24, 1899

to J.H. Craig Esq, Druggist, Yarmouth N.S.

With a Yarmouth February 28, 1899 receiver mark

and a pair of ½ cent Queen Victoria Numeral stamps

Very faint text stamped “We Want Good Roads” on front and

“Kelsey Hall, Stamp and Coin Broker,
Peterborough Ontario
buy, sell or exchange” on back

(same as a WLS-005 card also on this site)

According to the New York Chapter of the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, “W. Kelsey Hall of Peterborough, Ontario ... was considered to have one of the finer ... philatelic holdings in Canada in the 1890s.  He began collecting in the mid-1880s and specialized in postmarks in addition to a holding of some 10,000 coins, many of which he picked up at auctions. He became a dealer in the mid-1890s.”

Below, another variety, with imprint C, 2 eyes open with

PPC/stampbox no.4, designated here as P-9.

Another printing (below) shows a colour variation known through Gates' numbering as "Colour B", with an olive yellow colour in place of the flesh tone. Similar to Gates P-5, but with PPC/stampbox no. 4, designated here as P-10.

Below, a copy mailed by the Halifax & Yarmouth RPO toRhode Island USA dated August 14, 1902.

The “Business Card” variety (below) shows a card without the “Private Post Card” text (and assumedly, missing the “Stamp Here” text as well), designated here as P-11. This card was mailed from St. Catharines to Belleville, but was redirected to Napanee Mills.

Among the variations of this card are the cards shown above. Henry Gates, in his work "Canada: Patriotics, The Wilson Series" refers to 5 variations of this postcard, which he designated "Rule Britannia". See here for an explanation of the variations. Additional variations unknown to Gates are noted in red text. The varieties are as follows:

The colours identified by Gates in the list above include Colour A, (red, blue and flesh), which is the colour on all cards except that card variety identified as Colour B, which is red, blue and olive yellow. Printer’s imprint date is 1898 unless noted.