Business Use Postcard—G.B. Herrett

This J.C. Wilson & Co. pioneer patriotic postcard was used by G.B. Herrett, Manufacturers’ Agent, of Fredericton, N.B., on April 21, 1900. The card design is the Maple Leaf For Ever, Patria Amamus design designated as WLS-P08 Type I. The card bearing a QV 1¢ Numeral stamp with a Fredericton April 21, 1900 CDS cancel, mailed to Messrs. Humphreys & Gates, Petitcodiac, N.B.

Business Use Postcard

Bell, King & McLaren of Montreal, distributors of, among other things, strawberries, made use, on May 31, 1898, of a J.C. Wilson patriotic postcard, WLS-P06 Type I, Anglo-Saxon design, to advertise the availability of Maryland strawberries due on June 2nd.