1894 J.C. Wilson stationery envelope

Another example of J.C. Wilson’s business stationery has been added, dating to 1894. The envelope illustrates the addition of another pulp and paper mill to J.C. Wilson’s stable of facilities since the time of their 1892 stationery.

J.C. Wilson Samples

This J.C. Wilson Rule Britannia cover was mailed to Stephens & Son In San Diego, California with a 1¢ QV Numeral stamp, cancelled wth a Montreal roller cancel, paying the rate for samples, rather than the 2¢ letter rate. The cover bears the rubber stamp “Samples from J.C. Wilson & Co. Montreal”. The back bears a partial receiver cancel. The Covers Rates page has been updated to the current web site format.

Patriotic Envelopes update

I’ve expanded upon the WLS-E08 Type I, Maple Leaf For Ever listing with its conversion to the latest site format. I continue to tweak some of the other pages as I go.