1894 J.C. Wilson stationery envelope

Another example of J.C. Wilson’s business stationery has been added, dating to 1894. The envelope illustrates the addition of another pulp and paper mill to J.C. Wilson’s stable of facilities since the time of their 1892 stationery.

Hotel Carslake

One of the better known business use covers from the J.C. Wilson patriotics series is the use by Hotel Carslake of the WLS-E12 “God Save the Queen” patriotic cover. This particular cover comes with the Hotel Carlake letterhead enclosed with the envelope when it was mailed from Montreal on November 9, 1900 to Afton, New York, USA.

J.C. Wilson patriotic letterhead

Another keen collector of J.C. Wilson’s work recently forwarded to me some scans from a recent auction that he came across featuring four examples of patriotic letterhead notepaper matching J.C. Wilson’s patriotic envelopes. If you happened to be the winning bidder on these interesting items and you’d like to share more information about them on this site, please e-mail me.